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Fabregas set for exit as Arsenal agree fee with Valencia for Mata

Arsenal are closing in on the £17.5million signing of Juan Mata from Valencia, a transfer which should clear the way for Cesc Fabregas to complete his move to Barcelona.

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no_more_heroes4081d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

zeddy4080d ago

if arsenal manage to keep all their players the team is going to be pretty dam good, on paper anyway. fabregas, nasri, gervinho, mata, van persie and wilshere all good to watch but they still need atleast 2 defenders left and centre.

no_more_heroes4080d ago

Better defenders, yes, but honestly, I think that's only 30% of the problem. We need to improve our defensive tactics and defensive coaching if we're gonna make meaningful improvements to our defence.

FlashXIII4079d ago

Why are Arsenal even buying Mata? No doubt he is a great player but unless they sell Nasri or Arshavin, they will have far too many wingers.

DrillaKid4079d ago

Mata is also a very good central midfielder. The article is implying that Mata will replace Cesc.

Seriously tho, Barca really are a bunch of pricks - just f*****g pay up!

yezz4079d ago

sry but fabregas is overpriced and we have thiago so cesc isn't a must buy...

FlashXIII4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

35m is overpriced? In terms of the economy it is but if Aguero is worth more than 40m than Fabregas is certainly worth more than 35m. World class playmakers are extremely rare and in my opinion, should be as valuable as the goalscorers out there. Fabregas is still young and with his style of play easily has 10 years left in him and not only that, he has vastly more experience than most people his age.

Barcelona are just trying to be stingy and force Arsenal into selling him at a price that doesn't reflect his true value. They've tried every dirty little trick in the book to get what they want and I think it's admirable that Arsenal are holding out and ultimately if Fabregas doesn't get his move, Barcelona should be the only ones to blame.

Sahil4078d ago

Bad arsenal.. please don't bid for mata!