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Chelsea youngster Josh McEachran hopes to emulate the progress of Arsenal's Jack Wilshere

McEachran said: “We’ve got similar abilities but Jack’s a year or so ahead of me.”

McEachran revealed that there is already a bond, with the pair exchanging text messages of good luck before matches.

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Anderson84082d ago

he's about as good a jack i hope he breaks through the chelsea team

mastiffchild4081d ago

The media seem to want us to think they're carbon copies but with a different favoured foot! thing is even Chelsea aren't sure where Josh is best played right now OR what they imagine he'll end up becoming position wise.

Personally, I think he's too slight and would be wasted playing a holding role in a 4 3 3 but I don't see him as a number ten either-if anything he's more like a Modric than anything-a left sided playmaking midfielder-more a number eight sort of thing. We shall see but he's kept up his performance during pre season and looks more assured on the ball than anyone else, bar Anelka, AT Chelsea already. Could he become England's Iniesta? Def who he reminds me most of in terms of play, range of passing and movement so far.

Whatever, about the best prospect Chelsea have brought through in an age-we usually create a lot of players for smaller clubs. Funnily enough I think Bertrand may also make it as Cash's understudy-hard to say but he's going well.

Anderson84080d ago

i wouldnt say they're carbon copies but they are very similar in technical ability and playstyle... both would be wasted as holding midfielders it would stifle their attacking instincts...

it will be interesting to see what avb thinks of chelseas youngsters.. sturridge, mceachran and a few other are all deserving of a crack at the first team.. i'd like to see them get there shot instead of chelsea buying the ready made article and leaving them to rot in the reserves

kulka4081d ago

He looks like a top player along with Wilshere future of England but Wlshere should be given more offensive role at Arsenal maybe same as Fabregas

Anderson84080d ago

he tends to play there when fabregas isnt playing.. its only capello who likes to play him as a defensive mid for some reason