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2011.07.30 (13h30) - Chelsea 2-0 Aston Villa (Barclays Asia Trophy - Final)

1-0 Mceachran 1'
2-0 Torres 59'

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FootballZilla4322d ago


kulka4322d ago

I wish him luck as well

mastiffchild4321d ago

Thanks, Kulka, the animosity towards him from a huge portion of L'pool fans since the move has been uncharacteristic of a group of fans who, usually, know their football and understand players and clubs fall out. Liverpool fans normally always remain appreciative of their former players and to see you doing the same for Torres is a credit to you.

Don't get me wrong-after a one-one draw at Anfield in the 80s I was VERY lucky to escape a slice session from a Stanley surgeon of the Scouse variety on Scotland Road(saved by a carload of Rangers fans who you often see at Chelsea matches even now)-I kniow you guys aren't all angels! However, they were the very bad old days(despite the amazing survival stories I now have I could live without having had to stay in grounds for up to an hour after final whistle just so trouble could be avoided!)and since then I've come to understand more about the typical fans of each club and the Liverpool fans usually know their game which is why Torres treatment,esp from some high profile fans, seemed to let the side down a bit. Well said.

kulka4321d ago

Yup Toress did a lot of good for Liveprool and U think we got a good deal signing Carroll and Suarez are worthy replacments

no_more_heroes4322d ago

AVB's influence is starting to show now.

MaximusPrime4322d ago

looks very promising. If Torres keeps his skill up, then he's back.

kane_lfc4321d ago

What do you mean? Its not like he scored a fucking hat trick, Malouda slipped and he was lucky to be there and tap it in...nothing special from the judas cu*t

Mozilla894321d ago

Why bother, even if he scores a hat-trick you would just make an excuse about how they were all easy tap in's/lucky slips/weak defenders.

You have a great striker in Suarez so get over Torres.

mastiffchild4321d ago

Ah, this is what I'm talking about. Liverpool fans don't usually have this hate towards payers that leave their club but Torres seems to attract the nasty fringe. We don't know why he stayed last summer or why he left in January(and he could NOT have got L'pool a better deal if he tried, could he?)and as a fully paid up and life long "suferador" (mind my Spanish slang spelling)he'#s not the ,m,kind of guy you'd usually expect to move putrel;y for the cash and certainly, when he first went to Anfield he could have gone elsewhere for more personal wealth. The loyalty he showed Atletico AND Liverpool during his stay there doesn't, imho, show someone who'd take to BEING a Judas at all and it's my feeling that Liverpool and Torres fell out over something but he only went when he, and they, were sure it was best for all concerned(whether it was best for us at Chelsea remains to be seen). That 50million actually freed Dalgleish up a great deal and started him shaping his squad while 'Nando obviously felt let down somewhere and, you could see, needed a new challenge.

my opinion is that his move has worked out really well for Liverpool, he gave a .lot while he was there and doesn't deserve the hatred he gets from his former fans and it's not like them as a bunch to behave this way either. How do you KNOW he's a "Judas" and it's not like he went to an historical enemy anyway-I think the unfulfilled Hicks and Gilette promises and Benitez leaving had a lot ore to do with Torres leaving than anything to do with emulating that hated Biblical figure, you know?

Suarez is an amazing player anyway-so why the vitriol? You imagine many of your(or any club in the World's)aren't available at a price? course a club will sell if a figure is reached and then it's anyone's guess what the player will feel/do etc.Why punish Torres for something he might not have had all that much say in and, especially, when he waited til January to go which netted you guys much more cash.

Also, I watched the game and that was, IIRC, his very first touch and the way he reacted to an unexpected situation by opening his body and guiding the ball rather than slashing at it as most out of touch players would can only be a great sign for the guy and his prospect of returning to form-great finish and great temperament shown by, possibly, the most under pressure footballer on the planet.

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