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Wenger wants focus kept off unsettled Fabregas

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed Cesc Fabregas will miss this weekend's Emirates Cup because he has been ''unsettled'' by continued speculation about a potential move to Barcelona.

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Sahil4083d ago

another hint towards his exit??

KingPin4083d ago

GEEEZZZ!!! am i the only one tired of all this talk around Cesc. i mean, just let him go already. this whole talk of staying n going staying n going is just a distraction for the rest of the team. teams should be finalised by now working on strategies and the like. this is why Man Utd, chelsea win trophies. when the season starts, they have a 80% idea of how they going to play. the points scored in the start of the season count alot to the end of the season. now we all know why arsenal are trophy-less