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Highlights: Barcelona 1-2 Manchester United (Herbalife World Football Challenge - 30/07/2011)

0-1 L. Nani 23'
1-1 T. Alcantara 71'
1-2 M. Owen 76'

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zootang4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

lovely. Great preparation for the season ahead

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Killzoned4139d ago

Don't know why people would even disagree with you.
We played well, Our defense is much better
Could have easily made it 3-1 if Owen scored that goal

jak3y13oy4139d ago

Alcantara's goal was quality, and Uniteds goals were played well, plus poor defending by barca... :)

zootang4139d ago

Very competitive game, I was worried a couple of times at some of the tackles being made.

Anderson84139d ago

alcantara is looking like he'll be world class.. he's been man of the match in most games ive seen him play recently... makes me wonder why barca wanted fabregas/ sanchez so much

Sahil4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

No xavi. messi, puyol, mascherano, pique.. i wonder how united won O_o

RedDevils4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

with our b team of course, first half we got
(De Gea, Young) Rooney, Nani, Vidic, Rafael (for 17min) and Evra as regular starting 11,

Barca:(Affelay, Thiago) Valdez, Abidal, Pedro, Villa, Iniesta and Busquets

FootballZilla4139d ago

Thats the worst excuse going... Im Preety sure its still barca players and they was playing agains man u player tht excuse is like when livepool fans lost to braga and they was like oooo we didnt care about the Europa League

guigsy4139d ago

United had 3 players in their starting lineup that started the Champions League final, Barca had 6. Most teams would still have been battered by Barcas team last night.


It was just a pre season friendly, no one here is gloating nor will anyone remember this game. Calm down everyone, let's all just wait till the real season starts.

zeddy4139d ago

tbf they still dominated possesion for a b team but we defended well and de gea didnt have much to do. but united scored and thats what matters, its just a friendly though isnt it.

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rafay4139d ago

Hahahahaha for United! :D Beat them in the game that doesn't matter. :D

Corepred44139d ago

thats it, let it all out. whatever makes you feel better.

rafay4138d ago

Oh I was supporting United in the CL final. But still its fun to see you lot now. Don't know whether to celebrate or not :P

Nes_Daze4138d ago

Why would he try to make himself feel better, it's the truth, besides, who was it that lost against Barca in the champions league?......