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Ranking the 11 Top Domestic Leagues in the World

Throughout the world today, there are some outstanding football leagues that often produce the best footballers on the planet.

However, a long-serving debate between fans has been what is the best domestic football league. For some fans, there are the big stars of the Premier League and La Liga, while others contend that the Bundesliga is the best due to its competitiveness.

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FootballZilla4076d ago

Agree 100% with this list.

Most lists put French league in front of portuguese league, which i dont think is correct.
And i also agree with La liga being 1st and Epl 2nd.

Anderson84076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

why do u rate la liga higher?

la liga is a good league with two great teams but two great teams cant make a league the best and neither can can two players.. epl has a wider selection of stronger teams

Yi-Long4075d ago

... I seriously consider it an extremely poor league, not just in terms of competitiveness, or the general lack of tactical and technical quality, but also the fact that hardly any of the Serie A 'stars' has really succeeded when they went to the Spanish or English league. Only about a handful, and few of them were Italians (Zola, who else?)

'Stars' who come from De Eredivisie are usually also more than capable to perform very very well in the bigger leagues.

The Serie A is too old, too slow, too defensive, there's no real competition, the football is horrible to watch, etc etc. Even a club like AC Milan has played some awful football last season, yet the competition is so bad that they still end up as champions(!)

zootang4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

So many more good games to watch in the Premier League rather than La Liga with only about 4.

Man Utd v Chelsea
Man Utd v Arsenal
Liverpool V Man Utd
Man Utd V Man City
Chelsea v Arsenal
Arsenal v Tottenham
Liverpool V Everton
Tottenham v Chelsea
Tottenham v Man Utd
Man City v Liverpool
Arsenal v Liverpool
Arsenal V Man City
Man City v Tottenham
Sunderland V Newcastle
Wigan v Bolton

Compared to

Barca v Real
Real v Valencia (one sided)
Barca v Valencia (one sided)
Real v Athletico (one sided)
Barca v Villareal
Real V Villareal

Not too mention more internationals play in the EPL

RGB4076d ago

Everyone says the EPL is a 4 or a 5 team league. Man United have won it 12 times in 18 years! 1 team league in my opinion!

blackz0014076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Serie A: Ac Milan and Inter
Prim. Div: Real and Barce
Prem. L. : Chelsea and Manu
Bundesliga: sure Bayern but in the last 10 years:
Dortmund, Wolfsburg, Stuttgart and Werder Bremen.
Bundesliga is much more exciting.
And moments like 2001 where Schalke was for 4 minutes champion and Bayern scored in the 94´ you cant find anywhere.

Another epic game

and Oliver Kahn XD

2001 CL final
Kahns goal
Kahn gets owend
Kahn and the golfball
Kahn and micro
Kahn has hunger

and so on.
Others point why the Bundesliga is one of the best leagues in the world:
--> full stadions and great atmosphere.
--> best organisation

and of course players like Arjen Robben and Raul gets big attention in germany and can play and not sitting on the bench.

And german clubs dont buy players like Ronaldo. We have here no sheikhs or billionairs pushing us infinitely money in the asses.
So, CL 2001, CL Final 2009, CL semi final 2010 are big things here.
A CL title for a spanish club/fans (like Barce, Real) is nothing compered with a title for a german club in terms of word, joy and emotions.

RGB4075d ago

"And moments like 2001 where Schalke was for 4 minutes champion and Bayern scored in the 94´ you cant find anywhere."

Actually you can and only in La Liga!

In 1994 Barca won the league by 0pts beating Deportivo on Head to Heads.

In 2007 Real won the league by 0pts beating Barca on Head to Heads.

Spain has the best Players, Teams, History, Stats, European Records, Stadiums, Youth Systems and International Records!

Plus Spain has 7 stadiums with more than 55,000 capacity! England has only 4!

badz1494076d ago

and EPL got my vote! La Liga, is a 2-way title race race every year between Barca and Real! have you guys seen the difference in points between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd last year? c'mon, how was THAT entertaining?

Infernostew4076d ago

I disagree with this site putting la liga over the prem just because besides barca or real, no other team stands a chance. At least there was a close race for the title and champion's league spots and the carling cup and fa cup are always very competitive. La liga lacks competition and for that one reason I can never see la liga passing the prem as a better league even if barca and real win the next 5 champions leagues.

guigsy4076d ago

Exactly, the Premier League is way more competitive. In Spain it's Barca, Real, and then everyone else.

RGB4075d ago

As stated above, 12/18 is competitive right, no it's ridiculous! Before Chelsea and City got the money Man United were the money club buying players way more than others. Look at La Liga's recent history, more teams have won it than EPL teams have won in England.

As for the cups lol, before Mourinho, Madrid hadn't won it since 1993 and before Guardiola, Barca hadn't won it since 1999! So called big 2 taking 18 years and 10 years respectively to win their only available domestic cup again. The Copa del Rey is extremely competitive competition.

In 12 years 10 teams have won the Cup, Espanyol twice and Real Zaragoza twice. 10 different winners!

In that same period only 6 teams have won the FA Cup in 12 years! Chelsea 3, Arsenal 3, Liverpool 2, Portsmouth, City and United. Only 6, seriously! More competitive!

La Liga has produced more winners in the last 2 decades since the EPL formation.

Copa del Rey has produced nearly double the winners than the FA Cup in the last 12 years.

Anderson84075d ago

in the next 5 yrs who other than madrid or barca will realistically win la liga?

in the epl any of teams could win it next season.. man united, city, chelsea, arsenal, liverpool, and tottenham all have a chance

and look at the champs league its consistantly english teams in the last 8.. i'm not saying la liga isnt good but its a 2 team league and its not competative. barca will win all their games madrid will win all of the exept lik 2 and barca will win the title

2 teams out of 20 do not a a league great a good league has competition and quality throughout

RGB4075d ago

People keep saying this and history isn't on your side in either way. Spain has been more competitive and England hasn't. Money is coming in Spain now, Malaga being the first and more will follow.

You seriously believe 5 teams have a chance, can't wait til next may. Same old, same old.

"and look at the champs league its consistantly english teams in the last 8.."

And again we have a winner! EPL fans need to see the facts!!!

I was expecting this usual rebuttal of English teams have been in more final than any other nation. Since the formation of the EPL 8 English teams have competed in the Final of the Champions League and 4 in the UEFA Cup.

In that same time (18 years) Spain have had 9 teams in the Champions League final and 6 in the UEFA Cup final.

Since the formation of the EPL only 2 teams have won the UEFA Champions League 3 times (Liverpool and Man United twice) and UEFA CUP only one (Liverpool).

In that same time (18 years), 2 Spanish teams have won the Champions League 6 times (Real 3 and Barca 3) and 3 Spanish teams have won the UEFA Cup 4 times (Sevilla twice, Valencia and Atletico Madrid).

To add another fact on there, a more telling fact when it comes to pace and tempo. Since the EPL's formation Spanish and English teams have faced off in 6 finals between the Champions League and UEFA Cup. Out of these 6 finals Spain have won 5 of them.

Semi-Finals wise for the Champions League;

Since the formation of the EPL 19 times we've seen a English team appeared in the Semi-Finals.

In that same period 18 times we've seen a Spanish team appeared in the Semi-Finals.

(Facts above show having more teams in the Semis means nothing if you don't win but the Spanish teams seem to do that more than any other nation.)

Semi-Finals wise for the UEFA Cup;

Since the formation of the EPL 7 times we've seen a English team appeared in the Semi-Finals.

In that same period 14 times we've seen a Spanish team appeared in the Semi-Finals.

Spain dominate world football in ever way possible!

XboxInnovation4076d ago

Prem league
Serie A


La Liga

kane_lfc4076d ago

I rate the Bundesliga higher than Serie A

Tomkar4076d ago

No way in hell the Bundesliga is better than Serie A.

FootballZilla4076d ago

well if your british or spanish you dont have a vote.

Im not either and i vote for La liga. But i think the prem is right behind them

FootballZilla4076d ago


RGB4076d ago

I'm British and La Liga is far better for entertainment values! :D

kulka4076d ago

I think premier league is more competitive than La liga so it should be first Bundesliga is better than Italian Serie A Russian League is certainly on the rise it will be higher in few years

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