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Manchester City: Can United's 'noisy Neighbours' Win the Premier League?

Sir Alex Ferguson has conceded that “it won't be a normal Community Shield for Manchester United,” this weekend, but, in reality the game is nothing more than a dress rehearsal for the 10 month climb to the summit of the Premier League.

Roberto Mancini has put together a squad capable of challenging for European football's most coveted pieces of silverware.

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FootballZilla3943d ago

They definitely can and would be a bit bad if they couldnt.

Infernostew3943d ago

Not if they keep buying unsettled and want-away players? Most of this current City squad won't play out their full contract, I guarantee that.

guigsy3943d ago

I think it will take a better manager than Mancini to win the league. In fact, they will probably have to wait until Fergie retires before they can even think about dethroning United.

Sahil3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Yes they can but if they don't.. that wud be very exciting to watch :D

Mozilla893942d ago

Personally I would like it if neither of them won.

KingPin3942d ago

NOT ANYTIME SOON!!! fact is they are all there to collect on the pay cheques. Not one of those players are there for the team. they dont know what a team is. they all there to stroke their own egos. Bollotelli and tevez' recent statements says a lot about the "team". They dont respect their team-mates or the manager. Behavior like that will never win you a championship. If any of these players were at a top club like barca/man united/ real madrid i guarantee you they wont even be in the starting line up much less the bench. Proper managers don't put up with shit. Now you know why Sir Alex, Pep G, and Mourinho are the best managers in the world.

kulka3942d ago

Agreed football is a team game City are not a team