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English Premier League Preview 2011-'12: Arsenal May Struggle To Stay Top

Under normal circumstances the old Gunners' cry of "this will be our year" would be on the tips of many Arsenal fans' tongues. However, the likelihood of Arsene Wenger leading his troops to the title looks to be about as far away as it ever has, if not further.

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no_more_heroes4080d ago

Arsenal need only to make two changes:

1. Move the ball faster - sometimes we tend to build a little too slowly. This gives teams time to park two double-decker buses in/in front of the penalty area. Title winning Arsenal moved the ball much faster, WITHOUT launching the ball as if from a bloody trebuchet.

2. When in doubt, pass backwards - I know what your thinking. It sounds like I'm contradicting my first point, but another thing we tend to do is give the ball away too cheaply, usually because a player tries and fails to make a forward pass, executing it either too hard, too early or too late (usually the first one).

Do these two things and, like Barcelona, our defensive frailties, though very much present, won't be exposed half as much.

crazyturkey4080d ago

Here we go again everyone writing Arsenal off again. All Arsenal need is good luck with injuries and a more reliable defense.