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Champions at Under-19&U-21 level, Euro 2008 holders and World Cup winners - Spain are dominating

"Football is a simple game," Gary Lineker once commented. "22 men chase the ball for 90 minutes and at the end of it, the Germans win." That famous phrase, however, can now apply to a different team: Spain.

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FootballZilla4141d ago

At the moment it there decade... And i think when we get to 2014 world up it will start to slow down....

HxCGamer4141d ago

Spain will remain top 5 for more than this decade,
with a youth team that seems quite promising and our league clubs , like real madrid and barcelona, being the strongest in the world it is going to be quite hard for spain to slow down

The Hunter4141d ago

Yup, will end soon.. Netherlands will be winner of Euro 2012 and then we see if we can also win the World Cup 2014 one time fgs..

Flashwave_UK4140d ago

xd one time fgs hi five for that.

RGB4141d ago

I've been saying it for the last 5 years and people thought I was mad! Spain will dominate world football for years to come as well! :D

kulka4140d ago

Spain are the force of the 21 century with Barca's youth academy plus real players they can't be stopped if they stay playing as a team

Snakefist304140d ago

Most those under 19 players on the first 11 team are from Real Madrid's Youth Academy.Morata won the golden boot I hope mourinho see this.Morata shud be our third striker not Ade.

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