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Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas would be perfect for Barcelona - Xavi

The Gunners' captain would fit in without a hitch at Camp Nou, according to the experienced midfielder, who feels the 24-year-old would offer different options to the team

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FootballZilla3940d ago

Xavi and all his team mates and the manager and the president need to shut up seriously.

freeduck3940d ago

They will do this every week in every summer transfer window until Cesc finally signs.

Wenger should just accept the bid and move on because I'm sure Arsenal fans are sick with this saga

no_more_heroes3940d ago

good to see that you know what a euphemism is, because trust me, we're WAAAAAY past merely being sick of it.

Maradona3938d ago

come on, how long is it nessesary to discuss that player. Not that good at all.