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Highlights: Van der Sar Testimonial - 03/08/2011

Edwin van der Sar was in Amsterdam to celebrate his long career as goalkeeper.

The record international (130 caps) ended in late May, after the final of the Champions League, his stunning career.

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The Hunter4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Stunning career and stunning Testimonial! Great that every big player/coaches was present at this busy prepare months for the leagues..

We will miss u as goalkeeper!

Nice goal from Overmars btw, he still got it.. Ajax 95 the best ^^

Yi-Long4073d ago

... and Sar has been amazing. A well deserved farewell for one of the greats.

The Overmars goal was great, and the Bergkamp-Rooney combination which Dennis finished off, was also nice.

I was especially impressed by Boerrigter btw. Just comes from the 1ste divisie, his first game against some big names, and he just played like he normally does, taking in players, doing what he does best, calm on the ball, and he made his goal. Great signing for Ajax.

Hell, Ajax has made alot of great signings this summer. I didn't really like the team last seasons due to a lack of players that appealed to me as a football-lover (only Suarez), and now they suddenly have a great forward (Sigthorsson), and a bunch of other great players, either signed, or coming through.

Domer254073d ago

Yeah great goal keeper, but i'll never forget what Totti did to him in the Eurocup at home!! Epic!

Ninjamonkey824074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Amazing send of for the big man he will be missed on so many levels. Stands there with the Gods of Old Trafford now Peter Schmeichel and Van der Sar my two faves of all time ill not part them on any terms.

Btw ive never seen a send of for a player like that.

kulka4073d ago

I think he should become a goal keeper coach or something he would inspire young lads