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Sir Alex Ferguson Tells Daily Mail Reporter to F**k Off: Video

Watch the moment Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson told Daily Mail reporter Bob Cass to "f**k off."

Ferguson was reportedly upset by an article Cass wrote on the Welsey Sneijder situation, in which he claimed the United manager had given up on signing the Dutchman and was annoyed at his wage demands.

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sokrates3947d ago

Thats my man! Mr. Ferguson is ready for another Premier league title!

KingsCross3946d ago

In my opinion Ferguson is both smart and stupid. Mostly I find him stupid, but when I study his results I must admit he is doing something right.

zootang3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

He will stand up and fight for what he believes in, nothing wrong with that. Do not underestimate the power of Sir Alex!

Kingcross what must it say about you that you find him stupid???

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

kulka3946d ago

I'm with Ferguson on this Daily mail just keeps posting rubbish

Speed-Racer3946d ago

Daily Mail could toss off honestly

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