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Manchester City join Sneijder race

Manchester City have joined neighbours United in the hunt for Wesley Sneijder.

Reports in Italy suggest that a €36million deal has been struck to take the Inter Milan midfielder to the Etihad Stadium.

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Yi-Long2935d ago

... Man City need a creative midfielder like him, plus he would proof that Fergie/Man Utd have made a mistake by not taking him.

With Sneijder in the squad, I could seriously see Man City compete for the title.

The Hunter2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

True, Tevez, Dzeko and Aguero will score many goals with his through passes!

I hope he get a PL switch, then I will get him in my Fantasy Team for sure :)

Yi-Long2935d ago

... but I'm waiting for Miyaichi to get his workpermit! :D

Maybe Ruiz will move to Tottenham btw, so that should be a nice buy as well.

buddymagoo2934d ago

Let's be honest how many times have the press said a deal has been agreed for Sniejder. You just can't believe them and would be a fool if you did.

Anderson82934d ago

they already have david silva.. they dont realy need sniejder

Yi-Long2934d ago

... more an attack midfielder who comes from the side, like Pires used to do at Arsenal.

Sneijder is someone who plays more central and a real playmaker.

RedDevils2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

heard some rumors we're getting Bastian instead, well that what I want lol not Sneijder since his age, wages and fee just put me off, or we should go with Gotze awesome player

Anderson82933d ago

@yi long

i agree they are different but silva can do the same job as sniejder city are just to defensively minded to play him in that role

@red devils

yea i heard that too i'm hoping for bastian or nasri sniejder isnt worth the money we would have to pay out and we wouldnt even be able to sell him on as hes getting on a bit

kulka2934d ago

Well I think this would be the best transfer City made

Maradona2934d ago

He wont join any club now. This reminds me of the Fabregas case.

Mozilla892934d ago

If he does do this then I guess he really is money minded. I would have taken the smaller wage (which is still a lot of money) and played for United than make even more money and play for City.

guigsy2934d ago

Probably just a fake rumour to force United into a knee jerk reaction. Sneijder has no financial motivation to leave Inter.

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