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Highlights: Manchester City 2-3 Manchester United (FA Community Shield - 07/08/2011)

1-0 J. Lescott 38'
2-0 E. Dzeko 45' +1'
2-1 C. Smalling 52'
2-2 Nani 58'
2-3 Nani 90' +4'

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Great match, great goals, that will shut Man City up for a little while.

zootang4133d ago

The young lads did really well today and I would love to see them on a weekly basis now.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand.


I was really impressed with Cleverley, I've hardly seen him play for United so I hope he gets played more often. For a young lad he was very composed in the central midfield.

RedDevils4133d ago

well he always been even the time he was at Wigan, Cleverley is awesome, like I said why get Sneijder where we can get someone who young, and it doesn't cost a dim

Anderson84133d ago

i always new he was good but as i'd only seen him play out wide i didnt think we needed him as we have sufficient cover there but after seeing him play at cm i'm convinced he'll do well for us there.. he changed the game when he came on and dominated the midfield along side ando

RedDevils4133d ago

To let you know he can play across the midfield as well as Rb, he very versatile but people always think he only play on the wing, but his most effective position has always been as a CM, today prove it, oh and one more thing he has the Beckham like freekick ability

guigsy4133d ago

I would still get Sneijder regardless of today's performance. Carrick and Anderson didn't offer much creativity in the first half, Cleverley looked sharp but you can't burden him with too much responsibility at his age. It's good to have the options, squad depth proved to be crucial last season.

KingsCross4132d ago

United were good, but I am pretty sure they wont win this year.

Sahil4131d ago

only the season will tell the real story.

no_more_heroes4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

Lol at Clichy and his lack of communication with Kompany on that 3rd goal. Get used to it, City.

Man Utd had more shots on goal than City had total shots. I shall say no more.

no_more_heroes4133d ago

Also, if England screw up the new batch of talent coming through now then they'll never get it right.

kulka4133d ago

These upcoming crop of English players are truly the golden generation thy should be aiming to do well in Brazil and then 2018 world cups

MaximusPrime4133d ago

Capello must hire Daniel Sturridge. He is outstanding during Chelsea's preseason

Anderson84133d ago

the future looks promising.. but i guess it always does

mcstorm4133d ago

What a game. United were by far the best team all game apart from 20 mins in the first half when they turned off. 2nd half united showed the rest of the league that they are a better team than last season ans will yet again be the team to beat. City have a team to take on united but the all need to settle down before they can do that. They may have al the money but that will only get you so far. Look at united in the last 20years SAF has moved players on when they thought they were bigger than the club and its kept us winning season after season. City have a good youth squad and they should now stop buying players and bring the young ones through like united do. In SAF we trust and UNITED we stand.

redDevil874133d ago

United's 2nd goal was amazing!

rafay4133d ago

Someone disagrees! Lol!

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The story is too old to be commented.