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The Best Manager Rants in Soccer History

As we get ready for yet another new season, the pressure on managers to succeed is as high as it has ever been. It is that pressure that causes football managers to lose their cool and, occasionally, have the odd rant. Most of the time these tantrums are kept out of the public eye. Sometimes, however, they are unable to contain themselves until they are out of the public eye and ear. The anger levels required for them to lose it in public means that their meltdowns are often pretty entertaining.

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sokrates4069d ago

No doubt! Sir Alex Ferguson just keeps delivering. Turning 0-2 to 3-2 shows us that United has a strong moral and the best manager ever. A new season of glory is coming up!

sokrates4069d ago

Dont worry about kingscross. He is just a jealous fellow:) who doesnt know a s..t about football.

KingsCross4069d ago

Great job yesterday, yes. But Uniteds has to much selfconfidens and giving out glory for evry tiny little thing. You are good, but this season I dont think you will win anything. Chelsea, Arsenal, City top three.

buddymagoo4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Didn't you say that last year, you don't know what you are talking about! Go back to watching the OAPs.

Yeah you did; "Chelsea will return in the race for the league title. They have prooved they are the best team when it all works"

Also this: "I guess United will keep on loosing matches at the end of this season"

Proof you don't know what the F**k you are talking about.

Anderson84069d ago

when was the last time we werent in the top 3... be a bit more realistic m8..

arsenal and cit will do the same as usual.. start promasing have a chance of winning it and then throw it away because of there inability to win against the smaller teams

KingsCross4069d ago

Did you sign up for the fantasy league?
I will kick back and relax, knowing that I know more about football than a fanatic united supporter.

sokrates4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Challenge accepted. When you loose you stop writing stupid things about united, ok?

KingsCross4069d ago

That was written when the league was ending. Chelseas season was destroyed in the middle of the season. That wont happen again- and that means Chelsea will ned over United. Most probably first!

RedDevils4068d ago

and then loose on the second half :)

no_more_heroes4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Ah, yes, I remeber that incident, that one where the Man Utd fans started chanting about Wenger being a pedophile...

kulka4069d ago

Damn the fantsy league looks more than just a game it's personal lol