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English Premier League Preseason Power Rankings

With the beginning of the Premier League season upon us once again, it is time for the speculation to begin on who is the best and worst of the English top flight.

Going into this season, Manchester United are defending champions and Queens Park Rangers, Norwich City and Welsh side Swansea City have replaced the relegated Birmingham City, Blackpool and West Ham.

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FootballZilla3932d ago

chelsea arent going to finish 4th, 2nd or 1st and liverpool are going to be 5ht or 6th

kulka3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

no way the top four will consist of Liverpool United, manchester city and Chelsea not sure in which order anyone could win it

FootballZilla3932d ago

No liverpool loook awfull defending there going to get goals past them against low tables teams just like last season FACT..

Chelsea and Unied are the real contenders.

kulka3932d ago

we will sign a defender no worries Enrique is on his way to join our ranks plus Cahill or Dann and we are sorted Agger at his top form is one of the best defenders around we are improving game by game so Liverpool will finish top 3 at least last season since Dalglish came in we had best winning record in the league or second best not sure

Anderson83932d ago

arsenal wont drop out of the top 4.. everyone always says they will at the beginning of the season but they never do

kane_lfc3932d ago

@Footballzilla think pre season form suggests where the teams going to finish...Bolton have won 5/6 of there pre season games, does that mean top 4 for them? I dont think are defending was alot better vs Valencia who where statistically are hardest opponents of pre season

FootballZilla3932d ago

We will see and dann is really not that good.

sokrates3932d ago

In my opinion Liverpool can turn out to be a mid-runner, or top 3. To early to say, it doesnt look good at the moment, but Dalglish has delivered results before!

I am pretty sure United will be in the race for the title, most probably theyll win.
I guess Chelsea is ending up with a strong squad, but so do City and Arsenal. This season is hard to predict.

FootballZilla3932d ago

Chelsea have the best team in league and United and City are really close maybe city even better but they keep buying players and dont let the squad get chemistry.

KingsCross3932d ago

I agree, Chelsea has the best squad in the PL.
They had a down period last season that destroyed the title, but this year I am expecting them to be more stable and win.

City has a better squad than United, Tottenham and Arsenal- but I must admit that i think they have to much turbulens to win the league.
Cant see how United can keep it up this season...

Chelsea 1th
Man City 2nd
Arsenal 3rd
Tottenham 4 th
Man United 5th

Infernostew3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

I hope you're not betting money on that top 5 KingsCross.. it's absolutely dreadful.

kulka3932d ago

this year it's between Liveprool and united Chelsea and Arsenal will also challange I don't see City as contenders

RedDevils3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Chelsea may have one of the best starting 11, hell even Spurs had a better squad than Chelsea, but certainly not squad, United is by far the best Squad.

Oh KingsCross, don't bet all your money on it, Chelsea might end up 5th, just like last season if Spurs and Arsenal didn't screw up lol

Anderson83931d ago

man city have the best squad in the league chelsea dont have much depth

ProjectVulcan3931d ago

Chelsea the best team? All their key players are aging and not getting any better. Essien in not the force he once was either, Chelsea badly miss some midfield steel.

Liverpool will offer up a revival this year i think, but they still have plenty of work to do to meet up to Manchester United or Chelsea, even to displace Arsenal.

I struggle to see past Manchester United with or without someone like Sneijder arriving, although if he does, they should be far too strong.

Chelsea and City will fight fiercely for 2nd, with Liverpool and Arsenal a little further back for the remaining Champions League place.

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Mozilla893932d ago

I think a top four of Chelsea, Man U, Man City, and Liverpool is pretty accurate. City have too many good players to no be up there.

Are Liverpool playing in the Europa League? If not then they should definitely make the top 4. If Arsenal can keep their current team and have them committed to playing for Arsenal and not suffer too many injuries they can definitely contend up there. But that's a lot of ifs.

FootballZilla3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

I agree with that and tottenham are allways in the mix.

Sahil3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Spot on, there's no place for Spurs this year or any for that matter.

FootballZilla3932d ago

Liverpool fans last year sais the same thing, Liverpool still have the same defence as last year and untill they gest some signins they are not going to get even top4 also if you dont think that man u and chelsea are the top favourites with city and arsenal right behind them then your crazy.

Sahil3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

If somebody told you we'll finish top4 in 2010-11, then they are crazy. last season, we had a new manager and no big signing to overcome the 7th finish in 2009-10, also lost mascherano. But this year you can hear every LFC fan aiming for the top4, I give you my word we'll finish top4 :)

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