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Juventus are not a step forward for me - Hamburg's Eljero Elia

Hamburg winger Eljero Elia has claimed that he is not interested in a move to Juventus as he feels that the Turin side do not represent a step forward for him at the current time.

HSV sporting director Frank Arnesen revealed on Wednesday that the club have turned down an offer from Juve for the Netherlands international, but Elia insists he only wants to move on if a bigger club shows an interest in signing him.

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The Hunter4673d ago

C'mon men, be realistic! Juventus have a great history! Just say that u dont like the italian league instead of that u say that it is not a step forward! U are playing at HSV!

Yi-Long4672d ago

... first of all, I don't think the Serie A is a better league than the Bundesliga, but also purely looking at him as a player, I don't think he would get better by playing in the Serie A against 37 year old defenders who can only chop away at him if they want to have a chance of stopping him...

I'd love to see him move to the Premier League though. Brilliant little player. Maybe also not completely suited for the Bundesliga as in there isn't a lot of tolerance and understanding for intuitive players like him.

Perhaps Jol can bring him over to Fulham. Nice club for him to get some regular playing time.

Sahil4673d ago

WOW.. some players are simply brainless!

XboxInnovation4672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

One of the biggest clubs in the world with a lot of history, brand new stadium and a more challenging league, you better move dude. No one pays attention to the Bundesliga, especially Hamburg, even though the league is very good.

kane_lfc4672d ago

The Bundesliga is miles better than Serie A, the only team who I like to watch in Serie A is AC Milan and the football is to slow

XboxInnovation4672d ago

Napoli, Udinese and Fiorentina are fun to watch.

Mozilla894671d ago

Let's face it Juve has a great history but right now would it seriously be a step up?