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Football team sacrifices lamb before match

Seen some weird stuff on the football pitch over the years but this next video may be the strangest.

From fake headbutts to players injured falling over blades of grass and teams giving up seemingly unassailable leads.

But animal sacrifice? Never:

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no_more_heroes4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

wait, what??

(as you all could probably tell, internet issues arose AGAIN -_-')

RufustheKing4063d ago

as an animal lover that is just wrong and in parts islam is so far behind the west(but not that far)

anyway for the joke: Arsenal are going to need a whole farm to get any silverware this season.

zeddy4063d ago

why should they totally 100% turn into the west and forget old tradtions its not like the west is doing particularly great itself is it.

DrRichtofen4063d ago

tradition? its a freakin soccer game. I wonder what they do when they lose?

RufustheKing4063d ago

killing animals is wrong, fullstop. they play a western game and mix islam with it so in some way they like westeren ideas. i am not saying islam should be more like the west but killing animals is a sign that parts of islam is behind the west and as i said above (not my much).

the west kills animals for food while islam kills them for food and offerings. a being as powerful as allah doesn't need a goats death to get off on. i really getting sick of this PC culture where you have to tippy toe around actions of others so you don't offend them. i have problems with the west as well if anyone wants to hear them? but most lefties here dont care about that.

Sahil4063d ago

I hope not, coz if they won, they wud've sacrificed another.