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Cesc Fabregas: One-Time Arsenal Fan Favorite May Now Be Hated

At the age of 16, Cesc Fabregas feared he would have limited opportunities at Barcelona FC and decided a move to Arsenal FC was the right move for him at the time.

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no_more_heroes3932d ago

I would go as far as to say that he encouraged the endless comments that came from Barcelona's players. He certainly didn't tell them to stop, or at least tone it down.

I most definitely won't look at both him and Barcelona the same way again.

KonohagakureFC3931d ago

I think the hatred will likely be more directed at Barcelona, in the last few years theyve bought Henry, Hleb an now Fabregas... How many more Arsenal players do they then want? You dont see Wenger pursuing Iniesta or Puyol or anyone