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Highlights: Newcastle 0-0 Arsenal (English Premier League - 13/08/2011)

No goals, but definitely other talking points.

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no_more_heroes4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Song was lucky not to see red, but so is Joey Barton. How is that only a yellow card?!

Otherwise, our defense actually did look solid, especially Szczesny and Vermaelen, but our attack was too blunt.

Guess Wenger isn't wrong by making attacking purchases...

Yi-Long4070d ago

... that was a mistake.

no_more_heroes4070d ago

He can't just yet. He's still sorting out Visa issues in Japan right now. He'll be available after the first leg against Udinese.

Yi-Long4070d ago

... didn't know that. :)

That's a shame that it takes so long, after they (FA or whoever) already had all summer to get him that work-permit...but just gave it to him this week.

Sahil4070d ago

is song dismissed for the next match?

no_more_heroes4070d ago

Nope, didn't get any card at all. The ref didn't see it. VERY lucky he didn't too, because it was a plain and simple use-his-calf-as-a-stepping-sto ne stomp.

Wouldn't be surprised if he were retroactively punished though.

zeddy4070d ago

gervinho deserved a red just for his hairstyle but barton should have gone too.

Sahil4070d ago

haha.. Lets be honest peter walton only sent gervinho off as a punishment for his ridiculous hair.

Nightfallen4070d ago

This is the beginning of many mistakes referees will make. Our defense was strong today, man, if only Djourou made a better pass, we would of scored lol

crazyturkey4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

The Arsenal defense looked good, but then again Newcastle have no one up front that could really cause them problems. Also, someone who can play those defense shattering passes that Fabregas can do is needed.

zeddy4070d ago

song will still get banned for 3 matches after prem league review the incident.

XboxInnovation4070d ago

Both teams are terrible. This game was mind numbingly boring to watch. Arsenal definitely won't crack the top 4, maybe not even the top 6, and Newcastle may be in a relegation battle if they don't get a striker and another playmaking midfielder.

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