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Resilient stoke hold firm to deny chelsea

A fantastic second-half performance from Asmir Begovic ensured a share of the spoils for Pulis' men as a more lively Torres & co can't find a way past the Bosnian

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FootballZilla4068d ago

Really tough team to beat at home..

Dont think any of the top four are going to win there..

They play the most boring/defensive football ever.

ad4mb4068d ago

They played really good. and I didn't find them boring one bit.

of course teams are going to play a bit more defensively against the "big 4", but they really went at Chelsea in the first half. Definitely deserved their point.

mastiffchild4067d ago

If you aren't bored by Stoke then you don't like football and they play like this against EVERYONE.

They also deserved nothing. They offered VERY little in terms of threat and had Chelsea been given the free kicks, and more importantly the two penalties that they should have had even Begovic having the day of his life wouldn't have saved them. AVB was right in that Stoke bullied not just Chelsea, though they managed to overcome it second half, but also the referee and linos.

Deserved a point? They had about three shots on target the whole game! A total of about eight in total(most of which were beyond speculative while Cheklsea had ten on target, hit the post and the bar and had three or four crosses that evaded the barest touch which would have turned them in with the defence totally beaten. They deserved beating on every single count and a EPL side should have more pride than to play such tripe in front of their own fans-another thing Pulis' enemies of football don't deserve.

The day everyone gets sick of this crap better come soon or I'll explode-I DETEST everything about the way they play. Christ, I even cheer if Spurs beast them.

ad4mb4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

Lmao because I don't mind a football team I don't like football. you sir are a tool!

And writing an angry rant isn't going to change the fact that they got the point. and if you think they didn't deserve it so be it,I think they did. They dominated the first half with Chelsea creating very little.

And the hate you have for a team which is clearly doing their best to stay in the league, which is after all a great achievement because, lets be honest, they haven't got anywhere near the funds to be challenging for the top. Is beyond silly.

And who are you to say how they should play football. there's absolutely no rules saying how it should play and in fact its getting them points. Not everyone can/ should play like barca, how boring would that be.

And please don't reply again with how you HATE it. their fans obviously don't, because their turning up consistently and are some of the loudest fans in the league. cheering them on.

Edit: lots of "And"s haha

sokrates4068d ago

0-0... not a bad result for Chelsea away againt stoke.