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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Alan Pardew recently leapt to the defence of one Joey Barton, a player who has selflessly spent his career ensuring that the dignity and integrity of football has been left intact. Acting as an on-pitch vigilante, taking it upon himself to deal justice to others, whilst hiding behind the exterior of a disgraceful joke of a player, (a clever ruse if ever I saw one).

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no_more_heroes3930d ago

He says if Gervinho doesn't dive (which I admit he did) the incident doesn't happen.

Are you kidding me?

If you don't assault him, ref gives Gervinho a yellow for simulation and we all move the f*ck on. He's talking like he's obliged to rough him up like that.

And since we're being technical, the ref didn't stop play, so Barton aggressively grabbing him by the lapels during the run of play in the penalty area is, TECHNICALLY, a foul in the box and a penalty.

Bullsh*t, of course. So is Joey Barton and Alan Pardew's ridiculous defense.


Players who dive deserve a punch in the face, it's ruining the game and a yellow card for a striker is barely a punishment. Even I feel angry and ashamed when a United player like Nani dives. It needs to be stamped out full stop.

Sahil3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Well said.

Did you see Pardew's reaction in his interview, he said ''First gervinho dives, which gets your blood boiling and then, Joey genuinely wanted to excersice his frustration, so he picked on gervinho." YOU CAN'T SLAP A PLAYER ON THE HEAD(that is wrong with pardew) YET YOU CAN GRAB A PLAYER BY HIS NECK AND ASSAULT HIM.(that's fair to him)

I know barton plays for his team, he wud take his side but those comments are just pathetic.