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ohahCantona4062d ago

important! 3points. I like it

buddymagoo4062d ago

And the reds go marching ON! ON! ON!


im a man u fan.. we need a better keeper

TKCMuzzer4061d ago

If you were a Man Utd fan you would realise that a certain Peter Schmeichel had a similarly bad start to his Man Utd career. To make mistakes and come back stronger is what makes the best players in the world.
Joe Hart had a couple of stinkers when he first put on a City shirt but they stood by him and look at him now.

RedDevils4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

If you're a United fan, first you don' say MAN*(u), and also don't criticize a keeper when this is his debut match of the PL, give him time, criticize him after he played 10 games it would be still not too late

freeduck4062d ago

West brom really deserved a point from this game imo

no_more_heroes4062d ago

I was very surprised to see how well they were playing. They look like a half decent side this year.

Anderson84062d ago

they do.. should be a mid table finish for them on that form...

de gea is lookin a bit shaky i hope he turns it around

kane_lfc4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

West Brom really impressed me TBH! Should of got something from it.
I think they will easily stay up this year!

jak3y13oy4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

hehe.. S.LONG!
great game for both man utd and WBA, west brom did deserve a draw and youngs goal was very lucky with two deflections.. but thats football..

and the reds go marching ON! ON! ON!

also i like rooneys new hair grow (:

crazyturkey4062d ago

Man United are still the most consistant team in the EPL. Then only real weakness I see so far is the new Goal Keeper.

Killzoned4062d ago

I agree but give him a few more matches and he will be feeling the pace of the game. I think hes still getting use to the pressure being applied in the premier league.

TKCMuzzer4061d ago

....and the media. Everything he does at the moment is over scrutinized by the media. Let him settle down and then lets judge him.

Big_Dom4061d ago

Consistently jammy. Typical that Young was looking to put the ball across the area and instead it takes two fucking deflections and goes into the back of the net. Refs decisions and massive slices of luck like that are the reason why this average team are champions right now.

RedDevils4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Big dom thank god there haters like you here, it give all United fans a big smile and a little giggle lmao

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