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Highlights: Real Madrid 2-2 Barcelona (Spanish Supercopa, 1st Leg - 14/08/2011)

1-0 Mesut Ozil 13'
1-1 David Villa 36'
1-2 Lionel Messi 45'
2-2 Xabi Alonso 54'

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krazykombatant3209d ago

Such a great match!

However, ref screwed up a couple of calls.

Still second leg should be just as good.

wantedboys3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Real Madrid is back but they need a little luck

They can win the supercup but it wont be easy


lol those Real Mardrid fans were trying to attack Messi when he scored.

KingsCross3208d ago

Messi is just amazing. They are told to keep and extra eye on him in evry match, even though, he is just several levels up from the rest. I sure dont like it- but its the f... truth

Snakefist303208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Its not the truth the reason why rm fans hate messi cause on the last classico messi kick the ball at the RM fans and the fans were furious when the ref didnt do anything not even a yellow card.Thats the reason why Rm fans are mad at Messi!

Sahil3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Both teams played really well, especially madrid.. they have improved from last season. Benzema-Ronaldo-Alonso were fantastic for madrid the entire match and Messi for barca, obviously :P

Serious threat for League and CL.

XboxInnovation3208d ago

Madrid are still light years behind Barca. Barca slept walked through the first half and still were up 2-1. They let Madrid play around a lot, but if you watch the last 15 minutes right after Alonso scored, Barca kept the ball almost the whole time because they wanted the draw. Barca could still dictate the game, they just did not give it their all last night.

Barca will win the 2nd leg 2-0

HxCGamer3208d ago

so barca didnt want to win?

they just wanted to tie...

XboxInnovation3208d ago

No, they turned it on when they had to, but for the most part were barely trying. They knew after Alonso scored they were not givin the ball back up becuase they were gonna settle for the draw.

wantedboys3208d ago

Real Madrid play better than Barca if you know anything about football sometimes football is unfair it is a fact a lot of teams happen to them. Team losses the world cup not because their team is weak because cannot convert their chances to goals football sometimes need some luck. By the way Real Madrid have a plenty when Ronaldo fell I think the referee was sleeping.

krazykombatant3208d ago

LOOOL really, if you ask me Barca got lucky in capitalizing in their opportunities. If I recall all of the barca goals came right after the ref stopping the match for a supposed foul.

The goals didn't come from a masterpiece of barca football. It came from the ref stopping the game and Real Madrid not reacting fast enough.

Real Madrid dominated the match and deserved the to win. But you can't win them all. I would like to say RM to win 1-0. But it'll probably be 2-1.

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