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Father of Chelsea's Mikel John Obi suspected victim of kidnapping

Fears are growing over the safety of the Chelsea midfielder Mikel John Obi's father amid suggestions that he is being held by kidnappers in his native Nigeria.

Michael Obi, who runs an inter-state transport company, has not been seen or heard from since he failed to return home from work last Friday in Jos, the capital of Plateau state.

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karim4429d ago

Would be heartbroken if he's not found in one piece..Mikel was informed of this before the Stoke game,his mental strength is amazing!

KingsCross4429d ago

Nigeria is famous for their Mafia. Lets hope he will be set free as soon as possible. If Mikel finds it hard to play its easy to understand.

sokrates4429d ago

This is so sad! This happens a lot in Brazil, (One of Peles son has been suspected for organized kidnapping of footballers relatives). Normally they pay an amount of money, and the relative is set free inn good condition.

I hope this will happen with Mikels father as well.

mastiffchild4429d ago

I don't. I hope they catch the gits without making future kidnappings more likely. When we pay up we make every rich kid and their relatives a future target for scum like this. I hope his dad gets home, sure, but I'd rather it was at the kidnapper's expense rather than John Obi's.

This kind of thing is getting more popular in a lot of countries from Mexico to Ghana and Nigeria-Cote D'ivoire too I believe has issues with this crap. It' needs stropping and won't while we pay up.

KingsCross4429d ago

Good points. Most important is ending this as soon as possible.

RedDevils4428d ago

I hope that that those kidnapping rotten in jail, that is where they belong

no_more_heroes4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

And here I am getting depressed over one of our players going to another club. Talk about a reality check.

Even if your not religious, let's pray that his father returns to him unharmed.

RedDevils4428d ago

Mikel got a heart of lion, hope him and his dad well