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'Please let him go' - John Obi Mikel makes emotional TV plea to father's kidnappers

Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel has appeared on television to plea for his father's release after he was kidnapped in Nigeria.

Michael Obi, who runs an interstate transport company in the city of Jos, has been missing since Friday when he failed to return home from work, and the player's representatives have confirmed that he has been abducted.

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karim3216d ago

This is really really sad..Some people have no hearts

mastiffchild3215d ago

As I know Nigeria quite well(through having mates out there and visiting a couple of times too) I appreciate that the have nots will look at John Obi's family and won't even be able to picture the kind of wealth he has and enjoys on his wages-but that never excuses it.

The kidnappings, usually, are of oil magnates relatives in Nigeria as that's the principal source of wealth for an entire nation(or should be)however Obi's dad, as far as I know, has invested a lot in his business and one well off his own back for his own self, family and local economy and this attempted shortcut to riches by targetting him as a footballers relative is even sadder as a result.

This kind of thing is getting more common throughout the World and outside of the EU can be rife in poorer nations and I think the time has come to stand firm and not pay out so easily as all we're doing is storing more trouble for the future. People here in the Uk have been amazed at the looting ion our own riots but at least our courts have hammered anyone caught for it but that same desire for something for nothing is even more prevalent when actual, absolute poverty and corruption is rife as it is in Nigeria in places.

The big worry i'd have as a Nigerian(or someone from another nation where this goes unpunished)is that my nations most talented sportsmen might not turn out for the country ior even keep their money out of it in future. It's sad-and the fact this man employs a lot of other people makes it worse and Obi himself just shouldn't have to make pleas like this to base criminals who deserve nothing but disdain if not pity.

I hope his dad gets back safely and that, also, the kidnappers get caught and do NOT profit from this nonsense. Hell, pay up if you must but make sure, if he does, that the buggers get caught collecting or they'll be at it again and the only answer might be for footballers to take their money and families out of Nigeria permanently and who benefits then? Having seen the mess of their opil industry i9 doubt this will get snubbed out quickly as a problem even if this one turns out OK. Good luck J'Obi and stay strong-we're all behind you at Stamford Bridge from the fans to RA!!