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Highlights: Manchester City 4-0 Swansea City (English Premier League - 15/8/11)

1-0 Dzeko 57'
2-0 Aguero 68'
3-0 Silva 71'
4-0 Aguero 90'

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nieuwland143208d ago

aguero! great buy already!

HxCGamer3208d ago


him and silva working together is definitely a big threat

Corepred43208d ago

He became the star of the game as soon as he came onto the field! Man, him and Silva seem to be perfect together. Why isn't Aguera starting?!

Sahil3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

three key signings.. SILVA, TOURE & AGUERO(ino it's early) all of them from Spanish League ;)

buddymagoo3207d ago

Lol at everyone going mental over him. It was two goals against SWANSEA!

HxCGamer3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

@the disagree

if you don't think him and silva together are a big threat , well then you are in denial

and @buddymagoo
you clearly didnt see the game
Swansea had more posession of the ball, and the game completely changed after sergio aguero got put in...

buddymagoo3207d ago


Yeah I did watch the game, Swansea were very spread that's how they like to play their football. Which left plenty of spaces for City to play in. You wouldn't say Swansea was a stern test for City, would you.

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RedDevils3207d ago

Aguero looking awesome, but goal where Silva shouldn't have count, as that ball went out of the line as Aguero lob it back in, even though is an amazing goal. Good Debut for him

asmith23063207d ago

Thw whole ball has to cross the line so it was still in play. Great debut.

Corepred43207d ago

^Yup not all of the ball was out. So it was still a live ball and yes the goal counted.

Nightfallen3208d ago

What an amazing debut from Aguero, 2 goals, 1 assist. Tevez who?

sdtarm3208d ago

tevez the greatest MC striker in recent times.

Aguero is a great buy, but why ditching tevez when both would make a great duo, Argentinians!

Anderson83207d ago

cos tevez wants to leave.. aguero will be a quality signing tho

b163o13208d ago

Good match, Swansea goalkeeper had a great game, they did own the first 20mins. there passing is fantastic, but once we settled we easily took control of the game. We hit the post so much I was surprised the keeper didn't kiss it @the half. Silva was the man of the match IMO, and that's only cause he played most of the match. Sergio came in BLAZING!!!!!! I can honestly say I'm excited to watch this guy. Speed, Power, Vision he's a differences maker. His 2nd goal was beautiful........


HxCGamer3208d ago

Silva was absolutely amazing in this match, almost every play made was built by him


u man shitty fans shut up..only the first game against a promoted side nd ur getting on the hype train. lol

Corepred43208d ago

So far i've only seen people getting hyped over great players. are you butt hurt or something? you sound like it.

b163o13208d ago

So it's my understanding, from your comment, that you weren't impressed by Sergio? It's like as soon as he entered the game we played on another level. But if he played for......IDK lets go with ManU. You fanboys would scream til ya lungs bleed. So ya I'm hyped about my team. Are you?

Kos-Mos3207d ago

Why on earth should you kiss the post? If the post wasn`t there it would be a goal? You sound so extremely stupid.

RedDevils3207d ago

Even I'm a United fan, got admit this guy is amazing, he the one that also perform great for Argentina, and also the third highest scorer in la liga last season

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sokrates3208d ago

This aguero is gonna be a hard nail to stop. Shit, how he impressed me tonight. He should go to United;)

jak3y13oy3208d ago

Quality performance from the argentinian! Got my points on the suns fantasy team and points on our league team aswell! Great weekend for me at the moment involving football :D

sokrates3208d ago

Lucky you! I had a bad start on the pfl. Aguero is going to be a real point picker if he continous like this. Should have plAyed tevez with him, and it would end even worse for poor Swansea.

jak3y13oy3208d ago

Unlucky, yeah aguero will be one of the high pointers this season! I agree with having tevez with aguero.. It will be good for both man city and Argentina :) feel sorry for QPR and Swansea but they have to forget about that and go into the next weekend positive and strong!

RedDevils3207d ago

I got Suarez and Aguero, was a gamble between d.bent and him I went for Aguero instead, seem like it pay off lol

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The story is too old to be commented.