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Paris Saint-Germain ponder move for Real Madrid's Kaka

A report claims Leonardo wants the former Milan favourite with him at the Parc des Princes as they try to squeeze in one last move before the transfer window closes.

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Sahil3713d ago

It wud be good if he could move to another club as he's not getting much playing time.

Nes_Daze3713d ago

I'm sure he'll be better off at any other club other than Real Madrid, he deserves to be on a better team.

krazykombatant3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

LOOOOOOOL a better team?!? what are you smoking? Jesus your almost as bad as zootang.

At least zootang isn't that much of an obvious troll.

Nes_Daze3713d ago

LOl troll because I think Kaka is needed somewhere else...? For god's sake that kid doesn't deserve to be on the bench.

mastiffchild3712d ago

@Gloomy_Nes-I think he was more bothered by the off hand manner you said "he deserves to be on a better team" like PSG, or virtually anywhere other than Real. I doubt you meant Real are that bad but that's how it could have been read-that's my take on this anyway.

krazykombatant3712d ago

Kaka has been injured and has being thus far worthless of his 65 million euros. He wants more time of the bench then he needs to start proving that he deserves to be on the pitch with the starting 11.

remember kaka has been injured for the most part of his stay at RM, he even said during the summer that he wanted to prove himself at RM.