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50 Most Overrated Players in World Football

Professional footballers are quite the humans. Incredibly skilled with the ability to make a ball do almost anything, they are one of the most popular sport figures on the planet.

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FootballZilla4654d ago

This list is all over the place some i agree most i dont.

Sahil4654d ago

Cech, nasri, busquets, alves, torres.. they all are overrated, you've gotta be kiddin me!

Anderson84654d ago

busquetes maybe.. the rest.. not so much

RedDevils4653d ago

true, this article are pathetic, lol how the hell those player who is not even rated are overrated. Bleachreport are full of armature writer

zeddy4654d ago

according to the list joe cole still plays for chelsea, so wouldnt take much notice of this list.

sokrates4654d ago

Amateurs. Not worth reading.

XboxInnovation4654d ago

John Terry is really overrated. He is slow and can barely kick the ball.

mastiffchild4654d ago

Pointless attack on JT. Everyone knows what Terry's shortcomings are but the fact remains that he's about the best captain in World Football. He's a brilliant organiser and talker opn the pitch demanding the best of his team and getting the managers orders across properly.

His "lack" of pace should, were you to listen to his detractors, mean he's entirely useless on the pitch against any forward capable of breaking into a trot so why has he managed to shut out some of the World's quickest and most lethal strikers through the years? Why did England fall apart when he lost the captaincy? How did Chelsea manage to concede fewer goals from set pieces, fewer goals from headers etc in the EPL last season? Because JT is overrated I suppose?

I can understand people not liking the guy, fair enough, but to call someone overrated when he collects more stick than praise yet has the stats to back up his claims to quality amazes me. Not a great guy but someone who made the most of what he had and gets his passion across to others around him becoming an inspirational leader and certainly the kind of player most teams would relish at the heart of their defence.

As he's got older he reads the game better than he used to negating any need for amazing speed and is actually pretty UNDER rated when it comes to his passing and distribution. Sure, he's not Luiz with the ball but he's equally as competent as some touted younger defenders in the EPL like Cahill for example. Fact is, and I understand it, you just don't LIKE Terry.

Anderson84653d ago

i dunno... gd captains aren't meant to sleep with there team-mates girlfriends :)

guigsy4654d ago

Maybe they should've narrowed it down to 20 because they are struggling to come up with reasons for some of them. I mean Cech?! Any team in the world would have him in goal.

mastiffchild4654d ago

And Kalou? No one EVER rated him to start with! He's just lucky to get so many games but there's a shedload of them around the world!

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