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Highlights: Barcelona 5-0 Napoli (Joan Gamper Trophy - 22/8/11)

1-0 Fabregas 26'
2-0 Keita 31'
3-0 Pedro 62'
4-0 Messi 66'
5-0 Messi 77'

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nieuwland144484d ago

I was referring to their preseason...


Yeah ok but pre-seasons dont really mean anything.

zico4484d ago

What is Messi made of? Didn`t se the match, but 2 new goals. Is he able to copy his preformance last season?

LovIbra4483d ago

yes he will, and Barca will win LaLiga and CL as last year.....

KingsCross4483d ago

...sorry to interrupt. Chelsea is taking the CL. Barca not even the la liga. Napoli is no team for telling anything.

sdtarm4483d ago

^and you are certainly nobody to be telling anything neither, what can you read the future?


@ kingscross b real...I would b suprised if chelsea win the fa cup not to even talk about the cl.

rafay4483d ago

La Liga will be even more boring this season! Even the classicos are boring now. Same old junk happens...

zeddy4483d ago

yup i only watch barca or madrid, besides them two i'm not interested in la liga. its a bit boring when only 2 teams dominate.

RedDevils4483d ago

agree, If only other teams have a fair share of stars players, with both Barca and Madrid hogging all of these stars players there will always be 2 teams, maybe Malaga can compete soon in the future but still unlikely

rafay4483d ago

They will never be able to compete. The only reason all the EPL teams do well is the FA. And all teams have some sort of quality even when you look at squad of Wolves is because the FA has been amazing. The Spanish FA has very strange TV and Advertising policies. The teams will never get recognition and so players would always want to leave sooner or later.

Then there's the wage issue...