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nieuwland144574d ago

Jeez, that welbeck is good!


You need young players with expirenced players..If only assneal will learn.

Anderson84574d ago

for sure.. it was a gr8 performance.. cleverly did well again.. i wonder what this means for berba

jak3y13oy4574d ago

i reckon berba has regretted not leaving united :/

RedDevils4573d ago

Berba is a class guy, he doesn't regret not leaving United, in fact hes cheering when whoever score, he celebrate with the team

KingPin4573d ago

this is only the second match of a long season ahead. the fact that ferguson benched him means nothing. he will play plenty of big games ahead. there's still Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea of the big teams to go. if berba was planning on leaving he would have.


Great performance from the youngsters.

zico4574d ago

Agree, they surprising me!

sokrates4574d ago

Sir Alex ferguson sur knows how to build a team. He doesn't need $$$$ to make great performance and results. This match was really amazing! S

KingsCross4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

Great performance, yes. Quality as well. Do you think Ferguson didn't spend money you are wrong. And, even if they were good tonight, I don't think they will win this year. Not as good as City, and FAR behind Chelsea.


Give it a rest KingsCross seriously, United may not have big name stars as City and Chelsea but their performances in the last three games shows they are ready to handle them just as they did last season.

zeddy4574d ago

far behind chelsea? you trolling? i hope you are becuase you'll need your head checked out otherwise.

rafay4574d ago

You watching the same league?


lol @ kingkross...the troll is scared of man u

Ninjamonkey824573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

umad? United to me seem stronger this season all ready its early doors yeah, But the movement and pace is something to admire. There depth there and im sure you will be sadly eating your wrods come the end of the season lad.

RedDevils4573d ago

KingsCross is in God Mode of Denial LOL

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@ sokrate He spent alot of money for young,jones,de gea..e.t.c

rafay4574d ago

No he didn't. That's just what a normal summer is for big clubs. He didn't really go out of the way to get any players like City or Liverpool. Or even Barca. They had to get some in to replace the ageing players. That's all he did.

Maradona4573d ago

Pure respect for Ferguson. Have a great system, that everybody in manu can follow. Young as old. But manu uses a lot of money. The performance were ok by manu. The Tottenham team is not anything to brag about this year.

LovIbra4574d ago

Tottenham stopped to play after the first 30 min. they were too afraid/to much respect of these young players.And Redknapp: one up front with attacking midfielders just does­ not work....

Anderson84574d ago

vdv was their top scorer last yr.. ofcourse it works

rafay4574d ago

To me they looked lazy. No movement off the ball. No desire. What were they expecting at OT?

Sahil4574d ago

"He didn't really go out of the way to get any players like City or Liverpool"

am sorry, can you name a player for whom liverpool went OUT OF THE WAY?

rafay4574d ago

@Sahil: After last season all Liverpool signings were big signings. That's what I meant for them. But yeah they didn't really go after anyone like Chelsea or City.

RedDevils4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

there a certain name, Aguero, and Carroll, Oopst Carroll doesn't count as he signed for Liverpool. Lmao he not just overprice but overrated, and one of the biggest flop right after Torres

sokrates4573d ago

Tottenham had a tough liga start this year meeting united in shape at the old tractors! I think tottenham wick kick back sooner than later.

zeddy4574d ago

jones and welbeck were quality. spurs were quite good in the first half and kept the ball well, but after that goal went in, it was one way traffic.

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The story is too old to be commented.