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Terms agreed with Manchester City for Nasri

Arsenal can confirm that they have agreed terms for Samir Nasri to move to Manchester City.

The 24-year-old midfielder, who has spent three years with the Gunners, has been omitted from Arsenal's squad which flies to Udinese this afternoon and instead will travel north for a medical.

The move will be subject to Nasri passing a medical and formal registration processes.

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Yi-Long4415d ago

... and sad to see Arsenal lose another one of their creative 'big' players, but hopefully with Ramsey showing a LOT of promise in the pre-season as well as Wilshere having already shown his qualities last season, there is some hope that Arsenal can still compete for a top 4 spot.

I wonder if Arsenal will try and get a proper replacement.

Maradona4415d ago

I dont think Nasri is that big loss. For how long has he been a stabile good player for Arsenal?

LovIbra4415d ago

It`s a big loss of a great upcoming player. I`m so glad City signing him! He will be great for them.

and @Yi-Long: Arsneal will have no change top 4 this year! Maybe top 8......

Yi-Long4415d ago

... ofcourse Arsenal at the moment are looking very weak, but they have a lot of injuries...

I feel Wilshere and Ramsey are big talents though, and Ryo is one of the biggest talents in Europe at the moment, so hopefully he'll be playing regularly quite soon.

I have some doubts here and there ofcourse, but I don't think they have a WEAK team. Van Persie should be more consistent AND get more support (or play a proper striker instead with VP behind him...)

Personally, I'd love to see VP behind a fast paced forward, so maybe Walcott or Vela as a central striker up front and VP close behind him in a free role, kinda like how Bergkamp played behind Henry/Anelka/Etc.

As far as their midfield is concerned, I would love to see Arsenal sign Honda. Not just because he's a fantastic midfielder with both technique as well as physique, but also to be kind of a 'big brother' for Ryo so he can adjust more easily.

sokrates4415d ago

It's getting harder for Arsenal reaching top for loosing two if their key players at liga start. Really not fair !

rafay4415d ago

I can't help but feel that this move will take Nasri back a couple of years in his career. He was the next man in-charge of running the Arsenal midfield. And now he'll go back to being on the wing. Bad move I think for him as a player, but I guess money is what its all about.

Mozilla894415d ago

I was thinking the same thing. This was his chance to really make the new Arsenal team his own. He was going to be the main player. Now he'll probably be a rotational player coming in and out of the starting line up.

rafay4414d ago

Specially if he has an injury or two. Then he will lose the first team place and become a sub.

krazykombatant4415d ago

Arse Wegner better plan on having a card of his sleeve or arsenal will not be very competetive at all this season. But with soo many limited options i wouldn't be surprised if waits until the next transfer window and just spend like a mad man in a bid to try and win/ salvage a season.

Maradona4415d ago

Kind of agree with you. He is good to use young players. But its important to have 3-4 players that have routine and can push the young players.

Sahil4415d ago

It wud be a real shame if mancini still couldn't win League/CL, after collecting all those players.

RedDevils4415d ago

I still think this season he won't win anything, if Citeh hire Ancelotti that might got a better chance, but not with Mancini who play defensively every time he play against the top 4 teams

XboxInnovation4415d ago

Arsenal heading for relegation.

Fagerborgbk4415d ago

if you think that Arsenal are heading for relegation,then you have not seen much football.