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Wenger defends Nasri sale

The 24-year-old France international, who had just one year remaining on his present deal, has been allowed to join City for a fee of around £24million.

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Maradona4482d ago

I dont understand him. Just money in his mind.

buddymagoo4482d ago

I seriously think that he thinks he is Sir Alex and that he only needs to buy the odd player and develop them. Thing is, it's not working for Wenger and is for Sir Alex. Where does that leave him?

Maradona4482d ago

Some things i agree with you. Wenger has always worked like this. And he has been good to it. Always better than 4th place. But in a team like that he needs 3-4 players with routine, that can push young players. But now there is only talent. Thats not enough.

Sahil4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

If there wud've been any other player in his shoes, he wud've done the same. In today's world, SOME players don't care bout the history of the club, they want to a club which can assure them of winning. Players want to make a name for themselves not by performing well every week but by actually winning something through those performances. With arsenal's curent situation, closing of the window in a week and lack of adding any exp-quality players in the squad, shows that he didn't want to waste another year of his life. I don't mean to disrespect arsenal fans but that's just the way I think it is.

It's for trophies not for money, with man city.. the times are changing.

KingsCross4481d ago

I think it's for money and trophies. Sad thing is that wenger looses his key players just when it all starts over. And he does the only right thing when he defends the sale; he must think of who is left in the club and build their self confidense.

KingPin4481d ago

I think in recent years arsenal has become more like a soccer school for young guys to get into the game and then move on to bigger and better clubs. look at the current crop of players, if you think arsenal can hold on to jack wilshire <mind the spelling> in 2-3 years time without winning any major trophies, you are mistaken. all players want to win trophies <the reason cesc left> and arsenal dont seem to be doing that anytime soon.