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Chelsea lodge £16.6m bid for Porto wing-back Alvaro Pereira

Chelsea have maintained their frenzied late activity in the transfer market as the deadline approaches by lodging a bid of around €20m (£16.6m) for the highly rated Porto wing-back Alvaro Pereira.

That opening offer falls short of the buyout clause in the Uruguayan's contract, which stands at €30m, and is likely to be rejected, with the Londoners braced for a hectic period of negotiations to follow.

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Sahil3921d ago

Is he going to replace ashley cole?

FootballZilla3921d ago

All i know is he is class and dosent stop running.


You must be getting fed up of seeing more and more players (and manager) leave your club.

Sahil3921d ago

Yes, he is class.. probably the best player of copa america!

sokrates3921d ago

Chelsea and city has bought enough already. They should have a minimum of respect of other teams squads.

FootballZilla3921d ago

Welll Porto usually sell there two best players....

They sold faclao 40million which is a goood deal also villas boad 15mill.. 55million

BEfore we have sold like 3 of our players Lucho gonzales - quaresma - lisandro lopez all in the same season.. and teams are used from the quality of players like - Pepe Carvalho Quaresma Deco Bosingwa lisandro lopez cissoko paulo ferreira bosingwa lucho gonzales anderson raul meireles... and soon hulk rolando iturbe james moutinho ....

we buy cheap they do there job we win trophies and then we have to sell them but last years we have kept some amazing players like this year falcao nerly staid but the money was too much for him to stay... hulk is an amazing player id he goes to epl he will be great strong pace skill power.