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Fenerbahce withdrawn from Europe

Fenerbahce have been withdrawn from the Champions League this season, with the draw for the group stages less than 24 hours away.


New Title: "Trabzonspor replace Fenerbahce". Current title is still shown in the title of the tab when you click on the link though.

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Maradona4118d ago

And this is only one of many clubs at this level. And whos fault is it? Yes the answer is: Money.

no_more_heroes4118d ago

Just a quick note, when I submitted this, "Fenerbahce withdrawn from Europe" was the title of the link, but it seems ESPN didn't bother creating another link for what the story is now and just used this one.

On topic

Good thing Arsenal took care of business by themselves then. There were rumors going around that either Arsenal or Liverpool would get the spot based on their UEFA coefficient rating. Guess that was bullsh*t.