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Arsenal make Cahill bid of just £6million

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has had a bargain-basement bid for Gary Cahill laughed out of town by Bolton.

Wenger has tabled an offer of just £6million, plus extras, for the England international, which is roughly a THIRD of Bolton's valuation on their classy centre-half.

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Yi-Long4480d ago

... for a player who only has 1 year left on his contract: I don't think that's a bargain-basement bid at all TBH.

I know football, and especially England, has gone absolutely crazy with ridiculous amounts of money being thrown around due to a couple of clubs who have lost all sense of reality, thus having corrupted the market quite a bit...

... but for 6 million pounds Arsenal could just as easily find a player of equal quality, or even better quality, from one of the other european leagues...

It seems that english clubs are much too willing to spend way too much money on a player if he happens to be english...

Anderson84480d ago

i see your point but i doubt they could... theyve been getting defender from other leagues and look how thats turned out.. koscielney cost 10mil and hes no way near gd enough, squillaci? lol.. cahill is proven prem quality and one of the best defenders aroun 6mil is a ridiculous amount. young had 1yr left and he went for 16mil and nasri went for 24+ they wouldnt get cahill for less than 15mil minimum an rightly so hes a great defender

rafay4480d ago

I think 10 to 12 would be enough for a club like Bolton. The only reason Nasri went for so much was because Wenger would have let him run down the contract and let him go for a free. Bolton really wouldn't want that!

zeddy4480d ago

they'll come back with 8 million, he's not worth 10+ anyway, he's a good player and will improve under wenger but he's not amazing yet.

Anderson84479d ago

i dasgree.. hes well worth 10+ probably 15+.. baring in mind wenger payed 10mil for koschielney and hes leagues ahead of him.. he could slot into most top teams defences quite easily

XboxInnovation4479d ago

I hate Wenger, he is overrated and Arsenal is overrated as a club, not that great of history compared to the big boys, especially in Europe.