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Didier Drogba Knocked Out In Collision With Norwich City Keeper

Ivory Coast forward is caught by keeper John Ruddy and the resultant collision appears to have knocked the Chelsea man out cold.

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nieuwland144109d ago

Well this sucks.... I hope hes okay for the CL qualifiers

NewMonday4108d ago

its like he was shot, he was immediately knocked out while still in mid-air, the horrible crash on the ground must have also hurt his body.

zinedine4109d ago

What a shame, bad call by the keeper, way too late!!!

sokrates4109d ago

Looks worse than it was, could have been really serious. It's said that his going home tonight. That's good. I hope to see him back soon.

rafay4109d ago

What the hell! Did this really happen! :o

Wow. Knocking out Drogba; hell of a punch that by the keeper. He's in the wrong sport!

lukasz4109d ago

at least it was worth watching the match just fo that

MaximusPrime4109d ago

urm.. i don't think that is a nice thing to say

Mozilla894108d ago

No matter which team or player you support, wanting to see someone get hurt is just not right.

RufustheKing4108d ago

says the two chelsea fans. wait till a manu or arsenal player gets knocked out and you two will be laughing about it.

with the amount of times drogba has fallen down like a tonne of bricks it's about time we didn't start rolling around and just stay there lying flat. i hope hes ok tho.anyway is it me or is there alot of chelsea players get knocked out over the last few years? Terry was one

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