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Who would want to join Arsenal now?

Yahoo Eurosport:

Arsenal need to take swift, decisive action in the transfer market after their 8-2 defeat to Manchester United but it will be very difficult for Arsene Wenger to sign the players he needs to drag his side out of this slump.
What player of any note is going to want to go to Arsenal? Yes, they are in the Champions League group stage but can we really believe that they are going to get through to the latter stages?

As a top-class player you do not want to join a side that is focused on producing kids, you want to join a club to win medals, to go down in history. Trophies come first, and at present Arsenal do not look like a club capable of challenging for them.

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kulka2789d ago

they still have the champions league only few points behind in the league I'm sure they can still atract top player Wenger must sign a leader and few defenders to get arsenal back in the buisness

Mozilla892788d ago

It doesn't look like they'll be in the CL for long at this rate. I can see OM and Dortmund taking points off Arsenal.

KingPin2788d ago

I wouldnt be so quick to say nobody. see, the thing is, arsenal are still a big team in the EPL <generally speaking> and any footballer <young or experienced> who is looking to break into the EPL might find this a way to get in. join them, show his talent in the hopes other clubs take notice.

sokrates2788d ago

Not me... Thats the tough thing when its going down. But I think Wenger is the man to turn it!

The_Devil_Hunter2788d ago

Build up money to buy messi lol

Anderson82788d ago

i dont think one result would deter that many ppl arsenal are still in the cl and have food players so they can still attract a few top players

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