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Pep Guardiola defends Arsene Wenger in wake of 8-2 Man Utd loss

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has taken the time to defend Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger in the aftermath of the Gunners' heavy 8-2 loss against Manchester United on Sunday afternoon.

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KingPin4113d ago

its great to see the managers of clubs back other managers. hell, even after the match sir alex had good things to say about wenger.

its amazing how fans are so fickle. one minute they have a great manager, lose one game and he is all of a sudden completely hopeless and knows nothing of what he is doing.

arsenal's board members, fans, people in general shouldnt be knocking him. its easy to knock people when they down. i think everyone is forgetting that wenger had the invincibles. unbeaten an entire EPL season. that should say something.

sure he hasnt won any trophies yet but how do you expect him to with players coming and going as they please. its easy to blame the manager when things go wrong, but give credit to the players when things go right.

all this coming from a soccer fan and a man utd supporter.


Now Barcelona are showing respect to Arsenal. They spent the whole summer mocking, toying and disrespecting them over the Fabregas saga but if they bothered to submit the right bid for him early on in the summer, that transfer would have been complete and Arsenal would have had more time to find a replacement.

georgeskum4112d ago

i dont expect the coach gardiola to make such comment.he thinks all is well for his team .his decision to acquire fabregas has worsened the woes of arsenal because fabregas was intrumental to arsenal midfield.i dont believe absence of injured players but i believe one man absence in the person of fabregas caused the team to succumb to that inexcusable loss .who is barcelona without mercy?a crappy side they will be.