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Arsenal complete Arteta move

Arsenal have completed a move for Spanish midfielder Mikel Arteta on a four-year deal after he asked to leave Everton.

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no_more_heroes4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Just confirmed on the Arsenal website too.

Dear God, we have a chance to salvage the season after all...


...and Arsenal's website doesn't exists anymore. It's crashed completely:

"The following error occurred: [code=CONTENT_NOT_PRESENT] Content is temporarily not present. Contact your system administrator."

FootballZilla4115d ago

Arsenal needed a solid defensive mid though..

no_more_heroes4115d ago

that's why I said we have a chance, not that we would do.

asmith23064115d ago

If Frimpong matures a bit they have one. Hes too inexperienced at the moment but definitely one for the future.

MaximusPrime4115d ago

he was a fantastic player for Everton. No doubt he'll be fantastic for Arsenal.

Arsenal has a long way to climb back into the top 5.

Mozilla894115d ago

I'm pretty sure they're at least top 5. I think Arsenal with all the injured players back are a bit stronger than the Spurs with a discontented Modric.

KonohagakureFC4115d ago

Arteta for only 10 million is one helluva good deal for Arsenal, but still can't believe Wenger was so cheap after getting so much off of Nasri and Fabregas

zeddy4115d ago

he's not even close to fabregas's ability but he'll have to do.

kulka4115d ago

he's a good player with premier league expierence but with sucha a terrible defence bad defensive tactics they will not get in the top four