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Arsenal's late transfer activity represents the death of Arsene Wenger's youth project

It is a measure of how expectations have altered at Arsenal that there was such jubilation at the completion of the eleventh hour signings of Mikel Arteta and Yossi Benayoun.

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no_more_heroes4406d ago

No it doesn't. Wenger just finally realised that they can't do it all by themselves.

Maradona4406d ago

agree with you. They have a lot of great talents. Now they need some great older players who can show the way.

Mozilla894406d ago

I think Arteta will be a good signing, he's always over looked for Spain because he doesn't play on a big team and is in the same generation of midfielders as guys like Xavi.

I'm looking forward to see how he does on the big stage.

KingPin4406d ago

LMAO why do i get the feeling is arsenal drew with man utd last sunday that none of this down talk towards wenger would not have been.

nevermind that, why not focus on spurs. dont know if anyone saw that squad. if they so strong, why the hell did man city thrash them 5-1. not to mention they have yet to even get a point.

its amazing, takes one game to make people forget the last 8 years of hard work he did.

The_Blair4405d ago

Arséne Wenger should leave Arsenal. It's true he made a lot for the club, but his time is over. Arsenal, although achieved some finals and second places, is currently in 6 years without titles.

It's time for a change in the team, and that one can't be done with the same basis.

Wenger is a great manager too, and being at Arsenal is stopping him from reaching higher grounds. Arsenal and Wenger don't get right together anymore.

TruthBTold4405d ago

Wenger should be coaching in a youth academy as that is his talent. He is one of the best at developing young talent.

The_Blair4405d ago

I'm not saying that Arsenal's not a great team for Wenger to be, or vice-versa. I just think they should follow separate paths in order to be successful.

kulka4405d ago

Wenger is a great manager he did create the invincibles after all he was very unlucky not to have won a trophy over six years they were so close few times

xtremegamerage4405d ago

You have to replace quality WITH quality, we'll see how things turn out.

Also you must mix young with old.

Should turn out ok.

There were parts in that utd game that arsenal were ontop. Missed chances. But defense was weak.