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Highlights: Netherlands 11-0 San Marino (UEFA Euro Qualifying Group E - 2/09/2011)

1-0 Van Persie 7'
2-0 Sneijder 12'
3-0 Heitinga 17'
4-0 Kuyt 49'
5-0 Huntelaar 56'
6-0 Van Persie 65'
7-0 Van Persie 67'
8-0 Huntelaar 77'
9-0 Van Persie 79'
10-0 Sneijder 87'
11-0 Wijnaldum 90'

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rafay3918d ago

VP involved in an 8-2 game and now an 11-0 game. All in one week. Wow!

zico3918d ago

and San Marino; What a team; Wow

Corepred43918d ago

Yeah what a bunch of deusche bags! Why run up the score like that. I hope they don't win a world cup for that crap.

no_more_heroes3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I really hope Van Persie can stay fit and firing for Arsenal this season. A fit Van Persie is lethal for any defense.

zeddy3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

heres ALL the goals in ONE video

Sahil3918d ago

good god almighty, may the other team rest in peace.

Nightfallen3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I feel sorry for San Marino, they only won one match since 1986, and that was only 1-0 lol.

It doesn't matter if you beat San Marino, it only matters how many goals you score against them =)

kulka3917d ago

San Marino team consists of few postmans and farmers wins against them should not be taken seriously