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'I shut people up all year' - Cristiano Ronaldo on Cypriot fans' jeers

The Portuguese ace stressed he was not concerned by the reception from the home fans as his only worry is to continue playing at a good level for club and country.

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Corepred44476d ago

If I were C. Ronaldo I would have to love the hate. Lol

KingPin4476d ago

C. Ronaldo does shut people up all year round. Personally I think he is the best player in the world. My reason, he can play in different teams and still shine. At man utd he was good, given all the support he had from other players, moved to real Madrid and still played equally impressive if not better and when it come to national team, he still plays that same level given the players around him are different.

messi on the other hand only plays good for Barcelona coz he knows Xavi, iniesta, etc make him look good. when he plays for Argentina he completely fades. only shows like a 1/4 of what he shows for Barcelona. messi wouldn't leave Barcelona coz he knows if he does, he will just fade away like ronaldinho did.

yezz4476d ago

messi shines in big games too and scores against real almost everytime, ronaldo was just owned by alves in last game. and i dont get why everybody is whining that messi is just good with barca, he scores many individual goals without xavi or iniesta... club loyality is so underrated nowadays! c.ronaldo is a great player but just cant compete with messi..

DavidLuiz44476d ago

Messi Witout Barcelona = AVERAGE PLAYER


The_Blair4476d ago


That's why Ronaldo uses to play like s* in the national team and many times "gets injured in pre-match warming" --'

kulka4476d ago

Messi played well last game for Argentina he shines at Barca but Ronaldo is not at his best for Portugal either Xavi and Iniesta play brillantly for both club and country

Anderson84475d ago

dinho was quality at ac milan... i agree messi doesnt perform as well for argentina and i think ronaldo and messi are closer in quality than ppl make out if not on the same level but messi would run riot in any club team in any league

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