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'I am not a Judas' - Raul Meireles on trading Liverpool for Chelsea

The 28-year-old midfielder ensured he did not switch clubs to get a better contract and indicated he wants to win titles at Stamford Bridge.

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sokrates3908d ago

Well, for me, this is the definition of being Judad...

cozmo1953908d ago

I really hope Liverpool finish higher than them now

make him eat his words("he wants to win titles at Stamford Bridge.")

Anderson83908d ago

as much as i hate liverpool they have a better squad than chelsea and are more likely to finish higher in the league and grab some silverware...

FootballZilla3908d ago

You serious there defence is the worse of all top teams..

Anderson83908d ago

its bad.. arsenals is worse but with torres upfront and essien injured i dont see them getting anything this year

Big_Dom3907d ago

And you base that from what? 3 games and 2 goals conceded? Behave yourself. United's defence is shakey, but I'm not going to say it's the worst out of the top sides, am I? The Arsenal game could have ended 8-6.

kane_lfc3907d ago

Are defense cant be that bad...after all the two current center backs got us to the CL final in Enrique are left back has been solid for us(Got MOTM in his 2nd game for us) and Kelly at right back is solid for us aswell!

KingsCross3908d ago

He did the right thing. Judas or not!

freeduck3908d ago

How did he make the right move? He will not advance his career at Chelsea, just look at Torres.

As far as I am concerned, his move did not benefit or harm Chelsea or Liverpool. Liverpool are fine without him, and Chelsea don't see him as a Modric replacement

krazykombatant3907d ago

Torres is/was broken prior to moving to Chelsea. Therefore, its a bit of an unfair judgement. If Chelsea can somehow get healthy, I think they can do something this season. But who knows season just started to we just gotta wait and see.

FootballZilla3907d ago

the liverpool supporters are the biggest hater going lool 3 disagrees..

they love a player he leaves because he is never going to win anything there and then they hate him.

kulka3907d ago

doubt Chelsea will win anything their team is too old

DiLeCtioN3908d ago

Liverpool are also capable

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