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Why Jordan can emulate Gerrard

There can be few better compliments for a young footballer than being identified as a potential long-term successor to Steven Gerrard's Anfield throne.

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Anderson84615d ago

no chance.. good player but no way near gd enough to be anything like gerrard..

freeduck4615d ago

You never know man. He is under the mentorship of Gerrard and Dalglish. He has the right attitude and determination to succeed. At 21 he has lots of potential

NewMonday4615d ago

Hondo will be his own man, smart, has great stamina and dose the simple passes better.

was good vs Arsenal and great vs Bolton

Anderson84615d ago

no doubt he has lots of potential and will do gd for liverpool but look at his vision, range of passing, technique, composure etc they dont show signs of being anywhere close to gerrard

its like me saying gibson will be as good as scholes cos he played with him and has fergie as his mentor..all the training in the world couldnt make that happen... gerrard is a different class of player to henerson

kulka4615d ago (Edited 4615d ago )

Jordan will become a great asset for us in the future