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Amazing back heel 30-yard own goal: Inigo Martinez (Spain U21) v Georgia

A sensational effort. Spain were 6-0 up at the time and went on to win 7-2. David De Gea beaten all ends up.

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kane_lfc4412d ago

I really feel sorry for De Gea...thats really going to damage his confidence.

guigsy4412d ago

They were 6-0 up when it happened, I doubt it.

kane_lfc4411d ago

Yer but he gets frustrated really badly when he makes can see it in him.

TKCMuzzer4411d ago

Why? he was not out of position. He would have collected it easily. No defender should be back heeling it blind. He has a head and should of used it.

RedDevils4411d ago

It's not even his mistake dude

Sahil4412d ago

Holy crap.. that is amazing specially when it's an own goal.. lol

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