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Mourinho told me to stay at Inter' - Wesley Sneijder reveals why he did not join Manchester United

The Portuguese coach is said to have told the Dutch midfielder that moving to England was not the right option this summer despite interest from Sir Alex Ferguson's outfit

The 27-year-old Netherlands international has admitted that he spoke with the Premier League side over a move to Old Trafford after the Italians considered selling him.

However, the transfer was never forthcoming and Sneijder admits Mourinho influenced his decision.

"Mourinho called me and he told me to stay. He has an Inter heart and he has always told me to remain," Sneijder told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"I am happy to have stayed because I never wanted to leave and so I no longer want to speak about Manchester United."

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sokrates4557d ago

Mourinho should keep up his own business. Seems like he has enough to do to use energy on what other teams and players chooses. If this is true Mourinho looses even more respect.

buddymagoo4557d ago

To be fair Sir Alex never even spoke to him so I doubt we were that interested.

HxCGamer4557d ago

he was his former coach and sneijder probably asked him cz he has respect for him, so i don't see what the big deal is...

buddymagoo4557d ago

Mourinho wanted him to stay because he new how strong United would become with him.

guigsy4557d ago

He can make any excuses he likes, the fact is the transfer fell through because of his outrageous wage demands. It's a shame to miss out on such a world-class player but I guess it gives our youth a chance to shine like they already have done this season.

RufustheKing4557d ago

Wasn't there an article about Mourinho telling him to go to United a few weeks ago cause united were a great team? Until any player says it in front of cameras and the TV then just look at it as the usual Paper trash.

KingsCross4556d ago

This is paper trash. United couldnt afford him.

kulka4556d ago

great players want outrageous wages just ask City :)