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Santos president denies Barcelona deal for Neymar

The Brazilian club's supremo has refuted rumours that the European champions have struck an agreement to sign the young hitman in a big money move in 2013

A report in Brazilian newspaper Estadao on Saturday stated that an agreement has been reached between the two clubs, and that Wagner Ribeiro did not participate in the discussions as he is not the 19-year-old's agent anymore.

However, Alvaro has dismissed the idea that a deal is set in stone for Neymar to move to Barcelona in 2013 and told ESPN Brazil: "I did not sign anything.

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sokrates4561d ago

He will rule in Europe! The club who gets him is really lucky!
I really hope he goes to United...

DavidLuiz44561d ago

I have a bad feeling hes going to end up like Robinho for some reason...

Anderson84561d ago

same kind of player same kind of hype train i wouldnt be surprised if he turned out exactly the same.. great potential but highly overrated

kulka4561d ago

He is worth nowhere near 40 milion at the moment

zeddy4561d ago

barca and madrid have enough good players as it is. he'll never get a game, i think this guy wants to go to spain just for the weather.