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10 Goal-Line Controversies: Is Replay Technology Needed?

The moment when it is unclear if a ball has crossed the goal-line or not is an incredibly difficult call for officials to make. More often than not, mistakes are made.

With so many advancements in technology these controversies have led many to call for the use of "goal-line technology." The use of a replay system, such as Hawk-Eye or Cairos GLT, could do wonders to avoid errors of the human eye...

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jak3y13oy4103d ago

"Is Replay Technology Needed?"

Before reading this article: Yes of course!!

After reading this article: F******* YES WE NEED THAT F***** TECHNOLOGY!!!

sdtarm4103d ago

the sad thing is that we have it, we just dont implement it

Sahil4102d ago

Football just need technology.

kulka4102d ago

after all the fair play rules etc they can't implement technology to make it fair