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Poland 2-2 Germany: Joachim Low's men battle to draw in injury time

The hosts gave their much-fancied opponents a run for their money, and were moments away from causing a shock, but Brazilian-born striker Cacau frustrated them in injury time.

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Nightfallen4109d ago

I was soooo mad =(. Poland scored at the injury time and then, BAM Germany scored to equalize, this is Poland's luck.....

kulka4109d ago

Germany got away with it Szczesny is some keeper :)

Nightfallen4109d ago

Szczesny is AMAZING!! The first like 40 mins, Germany should of scored like 4 goals. For his age, he could only get better...

freeduck4109d ago

Haha Szczesny is a great one. Does anyone know if he is on the same level as De Gea? From the games I've seen (which is not a lot) they look pretty similar in style

Nes_Daze4109d ago

I was surprised with this game after seeing Poland face Mexico, I thought Germany was going to run over Poland, but I highly underestimated them.

Nightfallen4109d ago

I thought that too myself, I predicted 3-0 to Germany. But a draw is a huge thing =D

LovIbra4109d ago

I think Poland has something going on now.... Great result yesterday.